Saturday, July 30, 2011

Low Carb Philly Melt

Beef of your choice, shredded, shaved, or in small cubes. (I use leftovers usually or Hormel Roast Beef packets)
Half of a green pepper diced or julienned
1/4 onion julienned or diced
Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cube (2oz) cream cheese (Some people use cheese whiz instead, I guess?)
Thin slices of mozzarella or swiss cheese

Start your beef in a pan on medium high heat. Let it sear on one side, 2 mins.
Flip the beef and add worchestershire sauce and veggies.
Cook until everything is done. Then add cream cheese. Melt and stir everything together.
Plate your meat and veggies on a plate. Top with swiss or mozz cheese. (I like swiss)
Then cover the plate with another plate or aluminum foil until the cheese melts.
Serve hot

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