Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BLT chicken-wich

The finished err... chickenwich?
It's hard not to envision eating a juicy BLT in the middle of summer when the tomatoes are fresh from the garden. I have about 50 of them sitting on my counter right now. With our low carb diet, we can't have traditional sandwiches though, so this is my compromise. 

One tomato sliced into rounds
1lb chicken breast
6 slices of bacon

Instead of a square pan, like I used, use a long casserole dish to bake your chicken and bacon.
Place bacon next to chicken and bake at 375* for 25 minutes.
Then turn the oven to broil and give it another 5 minutes.
Mix a tablespoon or more of mayo with a little bit of lemon juice to taste. 
Slice through the chicken so that you have two thin breasts from one.
On one piece spread 1/3 of the mayo.
Then add your bacon.
Then lettuce and finally tomatoes.
Top with the other half of the chicken.

You get all of the BLT flavor. The only thing missing is the crispness of the toasted bread. While I missed that, it was a good enough dish over all that I didn't feel too cheated.  :)

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