Sunday, February 15, 2009

Four Minute French Dip

1 pkg Hormel Beef Roast
couple handlfulls of mozzerella
half of a green pepper
onion if you like
a little italian dressing
a little worchestershire sauce
hoagie buns

Toss the Hormel beef in the microwave for 4 minutes per package directions.
In the meantime, cut your hoagie bun tops off, pull out a little bit of the bread, spray them with a little cooking spray and pop them under the broiler to make them toasty.
Chop peppers (and onions if you like) into strips.
When the bread and meat are done,

fill the hoagie boat with mozzerella loosely. Top that with the beef.
Top the meat with peppers and onions and heck why not a little more mozzerella for good measure?

Drain the juice from the meat into a cup. Add a bloop of italian dressing and a bloop of worhestershire sauce. stir.
Drizzle a little over the sandwitch.

Put the top on the sammy and marvel at the awesome sandwich you just created in under 10 mintes.

Splash a little water on your forehead and be sore to look totally worn out from all the work you did to make this when you serve it to the table. ;)

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