Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yogurt Frosted Krispy Stars

My daughter turns 4 this week and is very excited to take treats to school to celebrate. They get a lot of "crap" to eat for snack time in my opinion, so I didn't want to go all out with some ADHD inducing confection. (There are only three girls in her class. The rest are boys. Enough said.) Now don't get me wrong. These still have a good amount of sugar in them. They are a treat, but more healthy than your run of the mill birthday treats.

The krispy stars:
Melt 3T of butter in a sauce pan.
Add one pkg of mini marshmallows
Stir until melted.
Then add 6 C of crisped rice cereal.
Add half a bottle of sprinkles and stir. (optional)
You can also add 1/3 cup of cake mix here for flavor.
Plop this into a greased jelly roll pan and use a piece of parchment paper over the top to smooth it out and compact the krispies. (The parchment keeps your hands clean, doesn't stick, and buffers the heat.

Use cookie cutters to make stars or whatever shape you like.

The icing:
Mix 1C yogurt (I used Greek)
with 1C powdered sugar
I added a little coloring and cherry flavoring but that's optional.

Dip the krispy stars in the icing and place onto parchment paper or waxed paper to dry.

Easy peasy!

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