Friday, February 11, 2011

Healthier Breakfast Tarts

I'm just going to put this out there. Pop tarts are disgusting. I don't know how they can even call that stuff around the high fructose corn syrup a crust. ick. Yet my kids always see them in the store and ask for them. I'd rather make my own. They freeze well.

Here's an updated healthier crust to make them with. I was previously using store bought pie crust but I think I can handle making my own.

1 1/2 C whole wheat flour
2T sugar
1/2 tsp salt (or use sea salt and cut that in half)
1/2 C chilled butter
4-5 T milk
sift the dry ingredients together and then cut in the butter. Cut until it's the consistency of small pebbles. Then add the milk one tablespoon at a time until it's just able to hold together. Don't over stir it and try to keep everything as cold as possible.

1/2 C fruit of your choice mashed really well
1/4 C whipped cream cheese (whip your own in the mixer. It's much more cost effective.)
Or just use 3/4 Cup of your favorite fruit mashed (or simply fruit preserve!) alone if you don't like cream cheese or if these will be a picnic type item that will set out and get warm.

Roll out half of the crust, Use a biscuit cutter to make little circles if you like. Otherwise cut even squares and place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Dot the middle with about 1T of filling.
Cover with another circle or square and use a fork to combine the two pieces around the edges.
You can also use the cool little pampered chef tart maker - just put your filling spaced evenly on the first piece of dough, then cover with the second piece and use the tart maker to cut out the tarts.

Bake at 400* for 8 minutes. Then check. Depending on the thickness, it could take up to 20 minutes. Just watch to see when it's nice and golden brown.

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